3 tips for teaching your child during Covid

published5 months ago
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Hope you and your family are well.

There has been another strong wave of Covid cases where I’m based, so my children’s school has been mostly closed since last March.

Here are my top 3 tips for teaching our children at home during this pandemic:

1. Prepared environment

Child's room
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With our children at home most (or all) of the time, a prepared environment is more important than before.

Try rearranging your home to create zones such as a learning zone, a play zone and a rest zone.

This allows your child to associate the place with a suitable energy level and provides him with a sense of security.

This also enables him to develop deeper concentration during learning (work) periods.

2. Routine

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Having a routine enhances our children’s mental well-being and development.

A routine is different from a fixed timetable.

Especially for young children, it’s more about the sequence of events than the specific time that something has to happen.

For example,

  • morning routine
  • breakfast
  • learning activities
  • lunch
  • nap
  • play
  • dinner
  • bedtime routine
  • sleep

Even adults benefit from having a routine during prolonged Work-From-Home periods when the days seem to blur into one another.

3. Freedom of choice within limits

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This is another evergreen teaching philosophy by Dr. Maria Montessori, which I've mentioned in every workshop.

Offer your child a selection of activities and she’ll tend to concentrate deeper in her chosen activity.

For a very young child, an example is “Would you like to try this puzzle or work with these blocks?”

Or prepare a few developmentally-appropriate activities on an open shelf for her selection.

For a child in lower primary, at the beginning of the work period, you may write a list of tasks together.

Then your child decides on the sequence of her work.

It’s been a challenging period for all parents. I understand.

Let me know if you need to learn how to support your child’s learning.

Stay safe and all the best!

~ Carol @ Owlissimo.com


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